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Throughout our rich 100-year history, we have developed unmatched experience and a passion for delivering high-quality cotton, world-class services and innovative technologies to local growers and international markets – ranking as the number one private ginner globally. 


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Since 1921, Queensland Cotton has been pivotal in the growth of Australian cotton. Through our involvement and contribution to the local industry, our reputation as a leading cotton corporation has remained true. From marketing through to warehousing and exporting, our qualified team is trusted by farmers and customers to produce superior and consistent quality cotton.


Providing high-quality services, operational excellence and cultivating long-lasting relationships is at the core of our business.


For 100 years, Queensland Cotton has been purchasing cotton from all production regions across Australia. Today, Queensland Cotton is part of the Olam Agri Global Cotton Business and has access to buying quality cotton from over 40 countries. Over the past century, Queensland Cotton has established valuable connections with growers and international mills to provide several marketing options, such as cash price of the day and forward buying. Queensland Cotton’s Australian cotton is marketed and exported across parts of Asia, the Subcontinent and Eastern Europe. 


Queensland Cotton operates six cotton gins across Queensland and New South Wales. Operational excellence and quality service is key to our gin’s successes. Our ginning infrastructure is well-maintained and undergoes regular servicing to ensure Queensland Cotton continues to produce bales to the highest standard. All six gin sites are in local cotton growing regions and operate at over 100% of their rated capacity.


Queensland Cotton warehouses are located at seven of our nine gins and store approximately 75% of the cotton bales Queensland Cotton purchases in Australia. Through our close work and connections with third party warehousing and shipping providers, cotton produced can be exported directly from our internal warehouse hubs at Dalby, Cecil Plains and Wee Waa. Our warehousing facilities give our growers the opportunity to safely store their baled cotton and explore marketing options.


Cottonseed trading and marketing is complementary to our ginning services. Our Bulk Storage Site located at Cecil Plains gives us the ability to trade to domestic and international markets, including Asia and the United States. Seed is also traded locally to graziers and feedlots across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. 


bales of Australian cotton produced this year (as of March 2021)


hectares of cotton planted in Australia this year (as of March 2021)

Cotton in numbers

Grown in 150 regions in Australia, cotton is a major agricultural commodity, contributing to 30 – 60% of the gross value of Australian agriculture production1. Roughly 90% of cotton farms are family owned2 and an estimated 10,000 people are directly employed by the cotton industry in a non-drought year1. Australian cotton accounts for 3% of the world market, however, is recognised for the high yield, almost three times the world average1. As a result, Australia is the world’s 3rd largest exporter, with more that 99% of cotton being distributed1. 

100 Years of Cotton

From a humble gentlemen’s agreement in 1921 to a business that supports hundreds of growers in regional areas, Queensland Cotton has played a fundamental role in the development of the Australian cotton industry. Today, we service and support farmers in rural communities and are committed to implementing the latest technologies and systems to improve fibre quality – ultimately benefitting the grower and the spinning mills. 


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